KOINOR Quality


Highest performance that we strive for day after day. A sofa is a long-term companion. We are aware of the responsibility that we carry. We manufacture our products for you with lots of love and a sense of detail plus expert knowledge and very skilled craftsmanship.


To make the best, error-free quality products every single day, powerful processes and structures are needed. Although we created these years ago, continuous striving for further improvement is an integral part of each of our working days.


Our advanced production technology and high-quality materials ensure the extraordinarily high quality of our products. Naturally, all pieces of KOINOR upholstered furniture carry the "Golden M" of the "Deutsche Gütergemeinsschaft Möbel" (ca: the community of furniture makers) and meet the most extensive material tests that exist in German for quality assurance. In addition, all functions and materials of furniture making are tested by the Landes-Gewerbe-Anstalt Bayern (LGA - ca: Bavarian state trade agency).


The quality of our products is determined by the quality of our suppliers. And they guarantee an effective supplier network. With partners who are willing to unconditionally support our quality goals. Together we are always on the lookout for ever better solutions.


Each piece of furniture is created precisely as ordered by the customer. We build our furniture exactly the way the customer wants. Before leaving our plant, each sofa is set up and subjected to a critical final check. Has the order been manufactured as ordered? Is its condition flawless? Only after everything checks out our quality inspectors give their final approval.