KOINOR Production


We count on Germany’s economic drive to implement the individual desires of your customers – quickly and with highquality work. Around 450 employees produce all our products at home at our Michelau, Maroldsweisach and Weismain plants. And all three plants are located in Northern Bavaria where upholstering is at home.


Visitors to the KOINOR Plant II in Michelau are amazed when they enter the company premises. Instead of dismal manufacturing halls, they are greeted by one of the most modern upholstery manufacturing plants in Europe. All processes – from receipt of orders to delivery – have been optimized down to the smallest detail. With over 25,000 square meters of space, our plant impresses with innovative technology. This is also mirrored in the architecture.



Upholstering is an art. Even the most modern manufacturing plants can only offer support to their employees. The people here have inherited this handicraft talent down through many generations and they exhibit strong commitment and a striving for perfection. A chapter which fills us with pride and is the reason we continue to produce exclusively "Made in Germany."

Optimal working conditions ensure that our experienced upholstery masters and our talented young people trained on our premises will be able to continue to direct their full attention to the perfection of our exclusive upholstered furniture.

We are convinced: Only the combination of all these factors allows us to keep on producing upholstered furniture of first-class quality at affordable prices.


    Each piece continues to be carefully crafted by hand precisely as ordered by the customer: in the desired combination, with the desired covering in leather, fabric or microfiber and, naturally, in the desired color. Moreover, feet, seam color, seating height and upholstering are also customized. That makes every piece of our furniture a unique piece. Nothing is produced ahead of time.

    Our sophisticated logistics system is the only way we can satisfy all your individual orders within a short time frame. "Just in time" is the way we do business. This is the reason we are able to deliver your furniture within just 4 to 5 weeks.