KOINOR History


Whoever wants to talk about the future must first know about the past. Behind every success are dedicated people with a wealth of ideas who want to create something together. And behind every success is a vision pointing towards the common path to the future.

After more than 65 years, we look back on our beginnings, on the progress of our company - from a single upholsterer to one of the most important upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe. At the same time we give an insight into a company with a solid past and a promising future.

Today the company considers itself a function specialist which combines innovative technology with the contemporary-modern, design-accentuated language of form. From its modest beginnings KOINOR has developed into one of the most prominent makers of upholstered furniture in Europe. The company occupies approximately 55,000 square meters of space distributed over 4 sites. Approximately 650,000 square meters of leather and approximately 200,000 running meters of fabric and microfibers are processed per year.

2010 - 2019

  • 2019: Common practice of cutting leather by hand has successfully been replaced by new digital leather cutters.
  • 2018: A decisive step, topic 4.0, has been realised. The entire production is digitised from now on.
  • 2017: The beginning of a new era. A great collection of multifunctional dining furniture has been introduced at the IMM fair in Cologne and successfully implemented on the market. The KOINOR collection has not only been enlarged, but transformed to more modern and very functional furniture.
  • 2017: Stefan Schulz joins the company as general manager (CEO). Together with Rainer Thiele he will put the company on track for the future.
  • 2015: Rainer Thiele joins the company as general manager (CEO).

2000 - 2009

  • 2005: Beginning of the dining collection with model Bronx.
  • 2004: Model Volare is introduced to the market. An all-rounder who fits in well with every living room. With model Volare KOINOR starts producing functional furniture.
  • 2003: 2003 Half a century. KOINOR celebrates 50 years.
  • 2001: Inauguration of the new production plant in Michelau, and first participation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan for further development on the international market.

1990 - 1999

  • 1999: So in 1999 ground is broken for one of the most modern upholstery factories in Europe. Final production and a large logistics center are built. At the same time, a 3000 – square meter showroom with bar and bistro are built at the main plant for and adequate product presentation. Therefore also the leather store can move to Michelau.
  • 1992: Company founder Horst Müller retires. He sells his company to executive staff members so that the continuation and further development of his life’s work is ensured. Michael Schulz and Gerd Bissinger restructure the company and reset the cours.

1980 - 1989

  • 1988: In 1988 follows the heightening of the upholstery.
  • 1986: The place in Michelau is also outbid. The office block in Michelau gets extended
  • 1983: Again the company needs more space. In 1983 KOINOR increased again. A further plant is built in Weismain. This manufacturing plant is also added after a short time.

1970 - 1979

  • 1977: Because of the success the space is getting to small again. In 1977 KOINOR took over an already existing building in Maroldsweisach and turned it into a modern branch plant. According to the latest additional places for cutting and sewing created. The branch plant still produces till today. For the first time the company is represented at the Furniture in Cologne.
  • 1974: In this year the first pieces of high quality leather furniture are created and received enthusiastically in The Netherlands and Germany. KOINOR contributed pioneering work and becomes to one of the first industrial leather specialist.

1960 - 1969

  • 1961: Ferdinand Herbst began his career at KOINOR. At his point nobody knew how closely the further rise of the house would be associated with him. During the 60’s KOINOR begins with the manufacturing of TV chairs and hits another big success. Several times the building must be attached and enlarged in the 60’s so there is more space for the growing manufacturing area.
  • 1960: In 1960 the company has already 60 employees. The first conveyor belt makes manufacturing even faster and more efficient

1950 - 1959

  • 1957: The first solid building began: larger manufacturing area and an office building. It still houses the headquarters of the company today. At this time the first product catalog appears, with drawings still done by hand.
  • 1953: On 3 August 1953 Horst Müller registered the company KOINOR. Inspiration for the naming is the famous Koh-i-noor diamond. The company grows. One of the first bestseller are cocktail chairs. The first delivery vans were gained, land is bought
  • 1952: The company removed to Landwehrstraße in Michelau and old former army barracks became the new head office. Soon founder Horst Müller concern himself exclusively in the production of furniture and hire first employee.
  • 1950: Already three years before the actual founding of the company, the first pieces of furniture take shape in an old newspaper stand in the nearby village of Schney.