A masterpiece is not the end; it’s a new beginning. The precise moment we finish building one of our beds is the point of departure for our next. Not to mention a platform to promote the experience and creative talents of those around us.

We do this because we want to be challenged. If there is one thing that has elevated Hästens to world-class quality in our 167 years of making beds, it is our insatiable appetite for new ideas, new knowledge and new techniques.

You could say challenging convention is part of our DNA. Just as our blue-check pattern once shocked the traditional interior design industry, it still stirs up feelings 41 years on. That is why we embrace new thinking and interpretations from the leading designers of today – especially masters of craft outside the realm of bed making.

The latest image of timeless creation. Whenever we enter a new design collaboration, that is what we seek. Call us curious, but we believe working with other design disciplines is the secret to inspiring the most surprising creations.

What happens when an architect gets his hands on one of our bed models? What will we learn from the world of haute couture? How would an interior designer, inspired by cultures from all corners of the world, make our beds even cozier?

Legendary results are not created by sitting on sofas. They come about through daily creative collaboration.