Summer Snooze - Tips to Help You Sleep Easy this Summer

Summers are the time of fun-filled & tiring vacations, backyard parties and lots of time out in the sun. Besides that, summer is like the Monday of seasons i.e., most companies have appraisals scheduled in summers, workdays are much busier, and the stress levels are off the charts. To sum it all up, the need to focus on the quality and quantity of sleep during summers should be much higher in priority list.

So, before summer becomes a trial and you start struggling with sleeping through the night, make an effort to fix any problems that disrupt your sleep. If you need some help, we have a few suggestions that can help.

Create a routine & stick to it Establishing a routine to ensure a sense of normalcy in life is essential for a good night’s sleep. During the lockdown, people went through a series of severe changes in their lives. Consequences? More people were anxious, stressed, and their sleep quality and quantity deteriorated. However, there were people who were able to stay calm and get through lockdown-induced panic by sticking to their pre-COVID sleep routine.

Follow good before & after sleep habits Apart from establishing a routine or reinforcing your pre-COVID schedule, there are certain other things - habits, which, if you can eliminate from your everyday routine, might help you sleep better. There are so many examples ranging from sticking to the circadian rhythm to maintaining the right room temperature, reducing alcohol and coffee intake in daily life, and putting your phone away an hour before going to bed.

Choose the right mattress to help you sleep better in summers A faulty mattress is one of the common causes of deteriorating sleep quality. If you are someone using such a mattress, summers can be a testing time for your sleep. So, before the mercury level rises, replace your faulty mattress. While you are shopping for the ‘right’ mattress for yourself, keep an eye for the following features.
  • Required comfort & spinal support: Find out about a mattress that offers superior comfort and spinal support. The said features help reduce backaches and helps you sleep better.
  • Zero disturbance from your partner: If you have a sleeping partner, always look for mattresses that nullify the disturbance created by your partner while they toss and turn.
  • Mattress that doesn’t trap heat: The most important! When we sleep, our body temperature automatically goes down, passing down the heat to its surrounding environment. Some mattresses fail to circulate this excess heat and cause the person to wake up frequently in the middle of the night. Our Hastens Beds are made with ethically-sourced natural materials which boast an open-cell structure, ensuring better circulation, extra-comfort, makes breathing better and helps you sleep 10xtimes better.
  • Right firmness: Don’t forget the firmness levels. It is important that you choose a mattress with the right firmness.
  • Keep yourself and your bed clean & hygienic Crawling into your bed after a long, tiring summer day might feel like the best idea, but it is not. Here’s why. Summer is the season of intensive skin care and lots of sunscreen + bug sprays. So, the moment you crawl into your bed, it might start feeling sticky and kind of gross. But that’s not your bed, that’s a mix of your sweat along with the lingering traces of SPF and bug spray.
  • Taking a shower before stepping inside your blanket might help get rid of the sticky feeling. And while we are on the topic of maintaining hygiene, make sure to clean your mattress at least twice in summers. It will help eliminate the chances of skin irritation, and improve your overall sleep quality.
  • Lighting matters Light is a strong trigger to delay sleep. Our body has a natural sleep-wake cycle called the circadian rhythm which works according to the sun i.e., light. So, if the lights are bright, your body will assume it’s time to stay awake and vice versa. So, dim the lights before you sleep. Plus, block out any light that’s not letting you sleep.
Maintain a proper room temperature Once you lay down on the bed and close your eyes, your body starts to lose heat and cold down. The process enables you to fall asleep easier. However, if you are not able to sleep, the uneven room temperature might be at fault. Check the room temperature and make sure it’s in a perfect state: not too cold nor too hot.

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