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The all new home speaker you won’t want to leave home without. Bose announces its new portable speakers which are a combination of SMART & POWERFUL. The new speaker is an all rounder with wireless Bluetooth speaker and a voice-controlled speaker. Around the house, you can move it from room to room—and when you leave home, you can take it with you.

All you need is a Wi-Fi connectivity to control it with your voice and stream music directly from the cloud. Outside Wi-Fi range? No worries,you can control it like any other portable speaker, with your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth and listen to anything you can play on your device. And no matter what you listen to or where you listen to it, you’ll hear it all in 360 degrees of astonishing Bose sound which are now available at Avit Lifestyle.


1)Alexa- Built In

With Alexa built-in, just say the word to stream all of your favourite music, Internet radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks—plus get the weather, send messages, set timers, add to your to-do lists and control smart home accessories, too.

2)Clear Voice Pick Up

A custom-designed microphone array which can hear you even when the music is playing loudly.

3) Truely Wireless

Plays upto 12 hours per charge. The battery powered speakers can be moved around the home or with you.

4)Durable & Water Resistant

The speakers are engineered in a way to withstand any bump, spray, drops, spashes or more

5)Powerful Bass

The three passive radiators attached, deepen the bass by increasing the vibrating surface area.

6)360° sound

An ultra-efficient, high-excursion transducer aims downwards into an acoustic deflector to radiate rich sound in every direction.

7)Easy streaming

Play popular music services like Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer on your Portable Home Speaker anywhere you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. Everywhere else, you can use Bluetooth to listen to anything your mobile phone or tablet can play. Apple users can also use AirPlay 2 to play audio from their devices.

Visit https://avitlifestyle.com/products/bose-portable-home-speaker?_pos=1&_sid=d36ee5ba3&_ss=r  to order.


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