Invisible Technology


A technology that literally "touches" and is already integrated in many KOINOR models. Here functionality is brought to the point: No cumbersome lever adjustment, no annoying pushing a button, just a gentle touch and the function is automatically triggered.

The secret of this new function: a motor operated by sensors in the form of buttons on the upholstered furniture cover. Technology has never been more fascinating. Because it is subtle, it does not interfere with the shape of upholstered furniture. Rather, TOUCH IT provides proof that you no longer have to look at upholstered furniture because of its multifunctionality. Aesthetic understatement.


Put in the right light: We light up the sofa. We offer LED underbody lighting for selected products. Particularly off the ground models are ideal for illumination. Here the colored lighting sets interesting lighting accents and emphasizes the spatial effect of the furniture.

Effective, energy-efficient and without shadows, the mild, even light is reflected from the floor and gives the furniture its very own aura. The light-emitting diodes shine either in 16 color tones or four different light change effects with dimming function, controllable by a user-friendly remote control. This is how the sofa becomes the star of the evening.

Koinor eddie 001  Koinor easy  Koinor LED


The audio table from KOINOR, which is available for numerous models, ensures enjoyment of a very special kind. Because anyone who wants to optimally enjoy their favorite music from their smartphone or tablet PC today needs a separate, powerful sound system. Intermediate tables are initially an aesthetic connection between the upholstered elements and practical storage space. When opened, they offer additional storage space and ensure sufficient space within reach.

The audio version of these intermediate tables now also ensures the right volume and sound quality for the private music collection in the living room - thanks to a loudspeaker built into the back of the table. Sound sources can be connected via several audio inputs. For example, music can be played from smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, MP3 or CD players, provided they are bluetooth enabled, even without cables. Otherwise, the signal is simply transmitted via the AUX input. Fixed docking stations with integrated charging functions are also installed for iPhone and iPod, and since the tables have an integrated player, the SD and USB ports can even be used to play music that is stored on SD cards or USB sticks.

KOINOR sound system  Koinor audiotic  KOINOR sound system


As an option, some of our loungers can be equipped with an integrated massage function. The motorized adjustable relaxation lounger becomes a wellness oasis in mains operation: It combines high seating comfort with professional relaxation and acts like a regenerating cure.

The built-in massage unit with 7 oscillating units is divided into 5 ergonomic massage zones: 3 zones along the spine, 2 zones along the legs. It vibrates in the often particularly stressed areas of the shoulder, back, lumbar vertebrae, thighs and lower legs for pleasant muscle loosening, relaxation and an increase in wellbeing. Not just a treat after a hard day in the office! There are 5 massage programs available, which generate pleasant wave movements through successive vibrations. The speed of the wave movement can be regulated, but the intensity of the massage effect can also be set for a personally programmed massage profile tailored to your own needs - in 5 levels and individually for each massage zone. Individual zones can even be switched off completely, so that it is also possible to massage individual parts of the body and any combination of active massage zones. An automatic program lasting around 6 minutes combines the various programs with changing intensity.

The radio remote control, which also controls the motorized adjustment, ensures convenient operation of the massage function at the push of a button. A magnet integrated into the side of the bed means that it can always be attached to it within easy reach.

The comfort package is rounded off by additional functions that can be selected: the integrated seat and back heating can be used to increase the effect of the massage. An LED light strip attached to the underside of the lounger provides indirect lighting and a soft night light and another device such as a lamp can be controlled with the radio handset via a remote-controlled socket.

Koinor Jonas 001  KOINOR massage function  Koinor Jonas 002