Imagine reducing stress and increasing productivity just by listening to a unique series of specially designed audios. Maximizing the quality of your sleep and restoring the power of your mind are just a screen touch away. Now you can turn on, tune in, and sleep your way to a happy and high vibration lifestyle.


After a hectic day or a stressful morning, it is important to pause and relax. Hästens Restore® will help block out the noise and reduce stress so you can let your mind and body fully relax and restore itself.


The exquisite frequency sounds available in Hästens Restore® will help calm your mind and increase productivity so you can find focus and reach your goals.


Sleep better, live better. Increase the quality of your sleep and wake up feeling happy and refreshed. Hästens Restore® will make you fall asleep quickly and peacefully.

"We are living in a world where stress and a hectic pace are ruling our lives. The sad thing is that most of us think that this is normal or that we have to conform with this situation. On the other hand, science is finding that stress is one of the main causes of chronic disease. The good news is that new research in science shows more and more evidence that becoming more relaxed and getting a deep restful sleep is critical for our brain and body to heal and regenerate. We call this process at Hästens: RESTORE. Hästens Restore® is carefully and scientifically designed thinking of you. We use special sounds and music to calm and relax your system during the day and ensure a deep refreshing sleep at night."
- Dr. Jussi Eerikäinen