Many of our models are equipped with cleverly integrated functions that allow you to relax individually. A wide variety of sitting and lying positions are possible thanks to variable seat depth or inclination and movable backrests. At the same time, you shouldn't see what our sofas have in them. They prove that diverse functionality does not come at the expense of an elegant exterior.

We include technical instructions for more complex products. Depending on the model, the adjustment takes place either manually, by means of a gas pressure spring or electrically with a motor.

In order for the technology contained to function reliably in the long term, its proper handling is very important; in particular, movable arm and backrests or head sections or adjustable foot sections are not to be used as a seat on loungers that contain high-quality functional joints. The load capacity of functional parts is limited to a maximum of 30 kg.

Basically, all moving parts in the middle or right and left should be touched and operated at the same time. In this way, the fittings cannot be warped or damaged by one-sided handling. Functional parts need leeway so that the function can be operated. Waves or slight wrinkles may appear, which are caused by the total required reference value. Depending on the type and thickness of the cover, there may be gaps (gap) due to manufacturing technology. If seams and edges shift during use, they can simply be swept in the desired direction with the flat of the hand. For the user's own safety, make sure that no people or pets are within the range of motion in front of, behind or under the adjustable model parts during the adjustment.

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