Decorative Stitching

Expressive seams are traditional, handcrafted details and signs of particular product quality. Regardless of whether it is a ladder or cross stitch, piping, 2-needle, cap, quilted, hem, right leather or cantilever seam: the combination of cover and visible seam looks particularly elegant. Decorative seams should visually liven up an area, set accents and emphasize contours. But decorative seams are always both: a decorative element and a determining factor in the quality level. Because of course they also contribute to the shape and optimally reinforce the seam region.


Some models that have a decorative seam on leather upholstery are manufactured either with or without a contrasting thread. With fabric and microfiber covers, a production with contrasting thread is usually not possible, as the corresponding decorative seam is often missing. If, as an exception, a contrasting thread can be selected, this is marked accordingly. If you choose the thread tone on tone, the seam will be made with a thread matching the color of the leather, which is harmoniously subordinate to the cover.

If you want a contrasting thread, the seam is made with a thread that contrasts with the color of the leather. It enhances the desired decorative effect of the seam. Depending on the model, we have either selected the most suitable contrasting thread color for each individual cover color - it will be processed as long as a specific contrasting thread color is not explicitly specified on the order - or the contrasting thread color can be freely selected for the relevant model. There are currently 8 different contrasting thread colors available. The seam pattern and thread size are determined by the model.

Contrast thread   Contrast thread   Contrast thread